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Size calculator

Fill in your measurements (centimeters)

Circumference under the bust
measured tightly

Circumference under the bust
measured loosely

Bust circumference measured
braless, in a leaning position

obwód w biuście mierzony
w pozycji leżącej bez stanika

Video tutorial

Remember that you may need a different size for different styles

Differences between sizes for some styles are due to the use of different materials in various different designs

How to take measurements?

  1. Most importantly, measure yourself without a bra on.
  2. Lean forwards while measuring, your back should be parallel to the floor.
  3. Remember that the tape measure must be placed evenly on the body – same level on the bust and on your back. Having the measuring tape go higher or lower on the back is a common mistake and it can distort the final result by a few centimeters.
  4. Measure at the widest point of your bust, but omit any warts or growths (they can add even 2-3 extra centimeters to the measurement, which means you may end up with a cup one size bigger)

How to interpret your results?

The sizes from the calculator are only applicable to the Ewa Michalak brand. The calculator does not provide sizes for other manufacturers.

Treat the size from the calculator as a starting point. The results can usually be depended on (if you made sure to measure yourself properly) but the calculator can sometimes make mistakes. Always make sure to try the ordered bra on, see if it fits well and if you feel good in it.

Extra tips

If your bust tends to look like UU or OO while leaning forwards, it is possible you’ll need a cup one or two sizes bigger than our calculator suggests. Why is that? Breasts of this size cannot be “squeezed” into cups. Your real size might be a little off from the bust measurement.

If your bust looks more like W or 00, your real size might be a cup or two less that the calculated result. Since your bust can be comfortably squeezed, it needs less space in the bra. Many women may have breasts like that if they’re losing weight, or if they recently stopped breastfeeding.

Are you losing weight? Have you stopped breastfeeding?

Breasts of women who are losing weight or have recently stopped breastfeeding need special treatment and support. This cannot be achieved if your bra is too loose.

If you’re just between two sizes, ALWAYS choose the smaller one. This way your breasts will be “well-behaved”.

If you’re using any firming creams, remember that they have a temporary effect. That is, they help as long as you’re applying them, but the resulting changes are not permanent.

However, if during the application of the cream you perform an additional massage of the bust, such stimulation of the skin will certainly lead to long-lasting improvement of its condition.

It is important, however, that this massage is done properly. It should last at least 10min and be performed twice a day. If on top of that you do alternating cold/warm water massages, there is hope for faster regeneration of your breasts :)

When you buy from our online store, you always have a money-back guarantee if the lingerie does not suit you in any respect. You have 14 days from the date of purchase to decide if you are completely satisfied with your choice. (See Terms and Conditionsfor details).

How to select an appropriate size for panties?

Check the size chart Check