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Does my bra fit well?

When you managed to put your bra on properly, it's time to check if you've chosen the right size. Stand in front of the mirror in a natural position (don't bend forward or backward) and make sure that the bra fits fine. Look at yourself in the underwear first. Then put a tight T-shirt on your new bra and check if your breasts look good. The line of your bust should be smooth and your breasts should be lifted to the position in the middle of the line between your shoulder and elbow.



The bra band should be fitted in such a way as to keep your breasts firmly inside the bra. The bra underband should be neither too tight, nor too loose. You simply should feel comfortable in your bra with your breasts lifted up and held firmly.


If you feel that the bra band is too tight, the bra leaves deep marks on your skin, you feel discomfort or even pain, it means that you should take one size looser bra (e.g. Go up a band size from 75D to 80C.).


On the other hand, if your bra doesn't stay firmly in its place or if the back rides up when you move, you should try a tighter size (e.g. Go down a band size from 75D to 70DD.).



Underwires should go around your breasts. (That means that the wire should be around your bust but NOT on the bust!). The underwires should also be close to your skin in every place around your breasts. If the wires are standing away between your breasts, you should probably choose a bigger cup size. (e.g. Go up a cup size from 75D to 75DD).


The underwires should always be comfortable. When they dig in, try to regulate the straps a little tighter. If it doesn't help, go up a band size.



After you carefully place your breasts inside the cups, your whole bust should be inside. The bra cups should stick closely to your body. If the upper part of the cup wrinkes, you should try a smaller cup size (eg. 75C in stead of 75D). On the contrary, if the egde of the bra cup digs into your breast forming a very unattractive bulge, it means that cups are too small and you should go up a cup size (e.g. 75DD in stead of 75D).


If you are between sizes and not sure which one to choose - one slightly too big or the slightly too small, we advise you to take the smaller. Bra too big in the cups looks bad on anyone.


If a padded bra wrinkles between the lower part of your breasts and the underwire, try to put the whole bra on higher. If it's not possible, you should go up a band size.



Remember that the most important for you is to feel good in your underwear. If anything is wrong you can always send the goods back (for details please see the Terms).


If you still have doubts, please contact us. You can send us photos to show how the bra fits. We will try to advise you what the problem is and give you tips what size and style will be most suitable for you.